About FiIlMor

Process and FillMor

FillMor enhances the strength and shine and increases the filler loading in plastic packaging materials such as carry bags, liner, garbage bags and plastic sheets.

The manufacturers generally use any one of the following combinations for their products:

Virgin HM + Virgin LLDPE + Filler

Use of virgin polymers gives products of very fine quality. FillMor can be used to increase the filler loading in such cases and bring down the costs.

Virgin HM + Reprocessed LDPE + Filler

Reprocessed LDPE is added to virgin HM in order to compensate for the lesser strength of HM. This gives translucent products, where FillMor can enhance the strength and shine.

Reprocessed HM/HDPE + Virgin LLDPE + Filler

Yet another combination which gives translucent products. FillMor can be used to increase filler loading as the virgin LLDPE is an inherently strong polymer.

Reprocessed HM/HDPE + Reprocessed LDPE

Some manufacturers use of recycled HDME with recycled LDPE. This combination reduces the strength of the products. FillMor gives significant improvement in the strength and shine in such cases.

Virgin LLDPE + Filler

Using virgin LLDPE with no other polymer component gives products with exceptional strength. The manufacturers can use FillMor in this case to increase filler loading by more than 10%.

Virgin HM + Filler

Using virgin HM gives fine, transparent packaging materials. Increasing filler loading helps the manufacturers cut the costs. FillMor increases filler loading in such cases.

Reprocessed LDPE + Filler

Manufacturers using reprocessed LDPE often desire better look and feel in their products. FillMor improves shine and strength in such products.

features and benefits of Fillmor

FillMor is a high quality additive developed especially for the manufacturers making various sheet or film based plastic packaging materials.

It offers various benefits for every section of packaging manufacturers.

Plastic Bags: FillMor is a versatile additive used for various combinations of PE for manufacturing different types of bags such as carry bags, garbage/trash bags or D cut bags.
  • Increases filler loading by more than 10 percentage without affecting strength
  • Enhances the effect of color masterbatch
  • Increases strength of bags using recycled polymer such as trash/garbage bags
  • Increases shine and surface finish in bags made of virgin polymer

Industrial Liners: FillMor guarantees an increase in filler loading by more than 10 percent, besides enhancing the strength and shine of the liners.
  • Increases filler loading by more than 10 percent without affecting the physical properties of the liners.
  • Improves surface finish and strength of liners
  • Elastomer based, FillMor imparts some elasticity to the product, preventing accidental tearing and impact strength.

Food Packaging: FillMor is a food-safe additive and can be used for improving strength and shine of food packaging materials made from PE.
  • Guaranteed food safe
  • Enhances shine and strength of packaging
  • Elastomer based, FillMor gives elasticity to the products, which improves the end products’ ability to withstand temperature changes such as freezing or microwave heating

Pharmaceutical Packaging: FillMor is the top choice for manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging in the country. Don’t believe us, try FillMor yourself!
  • Increases filler loading by more than 10 percent without affecting the physical properties of the liners.
  • Improves surface finish and strength of liners

Suggested Procedure of using Fillmor

With FillMor, you can increase the filler loading and enhance the strength and shine of plastic packaging materials like plastic bags, industrial liners, pharmaceutical packaging and many others.

To gain optimum benefits of FillMor, please follow the procedure suggested by our experts:

Suggested Procedure for using FillMor:

Step 1: Mix filler with polymer in the mixer.

Step 2: Run mixer for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Wait till the preheating is complete.

Step 4: After 9 minutes, add FillMor in the mixture.

Step 5: Run the mixer for another 1 minute.

Step 6: Transfer the mixture into the hopper for the further processing.