Frequently answered questions

What is FillMor?

FillMor is an additive which is used in LD/HM CARRY BAGS to increase the filler loading and reduce cost of polymers.

How is it beneficial to the Film/Carry Bag Manufacturer?

It increases filler loading in LD/HM Carry Bags and couple up the filler and polymers.

What does FillMor do?
  • Increases filler loading by 8% to 10%
  • Disperses well with polymers
  • Removes moisture
  • Enhances gloss and strength
  • Enhances productivity
Who are the users of FillMor?

Manufacturers of various bags, lamination films and other plastic sheet/film based products.

What is the recommended dosage of FillMor?

The recommended dosage for FillMor V is 0.8% to 1%, while that of FillMor S is 1.5% to 2%, depending on the ratio of filler against the polymer.

In what form FillMor is available?

FillMor S is available in the form of off-white granules while FillMor V is in the form of translucent granules.

Does FillMor have different grades?

FillMor comes in 2 grades. They are: