Welcome to the website of FillMor

FillMor is a high quality additive designed for increasing the filler loading while enhancing the shine and strength in plastic packaging materials such as: plastic bags, industrial liners or packaging for food products and pharmaceuticals.

FillMor has been designed to maximize filler loading and it typically increases the filler loading up-to 50%.

However, FillMor goes beyond just filler loading.

Often, due to poor dispersion of the polymers, the film based products have either poor strength or color dispersion. FillMor induces proper dispersion of polymers, increasing the strength and enhancing the color and gloss of products.

Packaging: FillMor is available in 25 kg bags.

Benefits: There are many benefits of using FillMor mentioned below.
  • FillMor increases filler loading up-to 50%
  • FillMor enhances the gloss in the end products.
  • FillMor enhances the strength of the end products.