FillMor improves strength, shine in plastic bags


Pankaj Kumar of Roshan Polymers is a manufacturer of carry bags in Punjab. The manufacturer was earlier using 20% filler and 80% polymer mix (HM+LLDPE) but often the bags had bubble punctures due to improper dispersion of the polymers and dull surface.


The company tried a free sample of FillMor and got excellent results.

FillMor increased the filler loading by 10 percent.

FillMor dispersed the polymers efficiently, giving excellent strength and shine. It also helped prevent the choking of the mesh, further reducing down time. The manufacturer was able to reduce his cost and increase his productivity by up to 10 percent.

Now, Kumar uses FillMor regularly to increase his filler loading by more than 10 percent and reduce his production costs.


•    FillMor increases filler loading by more than 10 percent.
•    FillMor disperses polymers optimally, giving better strength to the bags.
•    Improves shine in the bags.
•    Prevents choking of the mesh and keeps the barrel clean
•    FillMor reduces cost and increases productivity.

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