Benefits of Fillmor in plastic bags

FillMor is the leading choice of plastic bag manufacturers in the industry.

A highly versatile additive, it works for various combinations of PE used in manufacturing different types of bags such as carry bags, garbage/trash bags or D cut bags.

FillMor increases filler loading by more than 10% above the standard filler percentage added by the manufacturers in their compounds.

Also, being an elastomer based additive, its gives some elasticity to the plastic bags, which not only increases their capacity to withstand impact but also prevents accidental tearing to some extent.

FillMor allows the manufacturers to tailor their products according to their requirements.

If a manufacturer is happy with the physical properties of their products and wishes to reduce the

material costs, they can use FillMor to increase filler loading substantially. Some customers have reported as much as 30% increase in filler loading!

On the other hand, if the manufacturer is working with recycled polymer, FillMor can be used to significantly increase the strength and shine of the end products.