Benefits of Fillmor in Industrial Liners

FillMor is the first choice of the manufacturers of industrial liners in the industry, as no other additive guarantees an increase in filler loading by more than 10%, besides enhancing the strength and shine of the liners.

Liners are widely used in all types of industrial packaging, where bulk material has to be packed for inland or overseas shipping. The liner is expected to provide weatherproofing as well as to withstand the transportation.

FillMor ensures this by enhancing the strength of the liners, besides improving their surface finish and shine. It also allows for increasing filler loading by more than 10%, which means reduced material costs for the manufacturers.

Further, FillMor is an elastomer and lends elasticity to the liners, which enhances their impact strength and prevents accidental tearing. Don’t take our word, try out a sample in your own process and see the results.